Research (see Taxpayers' Report and The State of Our Unions)

Centers For Disease Control, 2011 -  Nuclear family still best for kids

Census Bureau; Births, Deaths, Marriages, & Divorces

Child Well-being and Family Structure and Obesity

Cohabitation, Marriage, and Child Well-Being

Family Structure Policy Brief

Healthy Marriage Fact Sheet - studies

Life Changers (Dr. John Van Epp)

Marriage and Religion Research Institute

Marriage, Family Structure, and Children's Educational Attainment

National Healthy Marriage Resource Center

New Family Structures Study (NFSS) found better outcomes for those raised in intact biological families when compared to peers in seven other family structures.

PAIRS Research Report - marriage reports

The Marriage CoMission - Marriage CoMission Research Report, Marriage and Family Wellness: Corporate America's Business?

The National Marriage Project, University of Virginia - 30 Conclusions of Social Scientists, Why Marriage Matters

The Center for Relationship Education (formerly WAIT Training) Why Am I Tempted?

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